Do I need to have a referral from my GP?

You do not necessarily have to have a referral but it may be beneficial to have one. Simply ask your GP to write or email me indicating private referral.

How will I know when I will be seen?

On receiving the referral, we will contact you by telephone to arrange a mutually convenient appointment date and time.

Where will I go?

You will normally be seen in outpatients A on level 2 of North Devon District Hospital. On arrival, report to reception and take a seat in the waiting area. Mr Misra will call you at the appointed time.

How long will the appointment last?

A new appointment will last approximately 45 minutes, a follow up appointment will usually be upto 20minutes

What happens at the consultation?

Depending on your symptoms, you may be asked to come with a full bladder. This will be made clear on your appointment letter. You will then be asked to do a flow rate. You may be asked to provide a urine sample. Mr Misra will take a full history and may do an examination. Mr Misra will then give you a plan of treatment.

What is a flow test?

This is a test to measure the strength of your urinary stream. You will be asked to pass urine in the usual way into the toilet and the machine will print off a graph. This gives an indication as to whether your bladder muscles are working properly and/or there is an obstruction to the flow of urine from the prostate.

Will I need a blood test beforehand?

In most cases this will have been done by your GP. If not, please do not worry. Mr Misra can arrange for you to have the relevant blood tests in the hospital.

What if I need a flexible cystoscopy?

Flexible cystoscopy is an examination of the bladder carried out with lubricant gel without anesthetic. If this is required, Mr Misra will make arrangements for this to happen on another day at the Gemini suite on level0. Instructions for this will be sent to you separately.

What if I need an operation?

Mr Misra will talk you through all pros and cons. We will contact with a date and time. You may need to come for a preop visit. All this information will be communicated to you clearly in advance. Inpatient beds for private patients are on Taka ward.

I have medical insurance?

Mr Misra is registered with most of the medical insurance providers. However please make this clear when we call you to make the appointment. You may need to get a pre-authorisation number for the outpatient consultation from your insurance company. If you need an operation, we will provide with the relevant information that your insurer will need to authorise the payment.

I am self paying?

You will receive an invoice for the consultation from Mr Misra. Payment can be made by bank transfer. The hospital will make a small administration charge which will be sent to you separately. If you require an operation, we can look into an all inclusive package for you. This will cover costs of the surgeon, anaesthetist and the hospital.

What if I have any problems after the operation?

In the first instance, please contact Alisha on 01271311662, who will either arrange a follow up appointment for you or contact me on your behalf. You can also see your GP.